The Director for Administration and Management (DA&M) serves as the Performance Improvement Officer (PIO) for the Department of Defense (DoD). In this role, the PIO advises and assists the Deputy Secretary of Defense (DepSecDef) in her role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) to ensure that the mission and goals of the Department are achieved through strategic and performance planning, measurement and analysis, regular assessment of progress, and use of performance information to improve the results achieved. The DA&M also serves as the senior official for Defense Reform. 


The PIO is responsible for the development of the Defense Department's Strategic Management Plan (SMP), Annual Performance Plan (APP), and Annual Performance Report (APR), pursuant to the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 and the GPRA Modernization Act (GPRAMA) of 2010. The Plan and associated Report are both submitted as part of DoD's annual Congressional Justification/President's Budget request.  

Strategic Management Plan (SMP) FY2022-2026

The Strategic Management Plan (SMP) is defined and published every four years and presents the long-term objectives the DoD plans to accomplish. The SMP reflects the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the Secretary of Defense’s management priorities by providing a framework for describing general and long-term goals, what actions the Department will take to realize those goals, and how DoD will address challenges and risks that may hinder achieving results. 

This plan also encompasses the Annual Performance Plan FY2023 and the Annual Performance Report FY2021:

Annual Performance Plan (APP) FY2023

The Annual Performance Plan defines the level of performance to be achieved during the fiscal year in which the plan is submitted and the next fiscal year. The APP must cover each program activity of the DoD set forth in the budget. 

Annual Performance Report (APR) FY2021

The Annual Performance Report provides information on DoD progress toward achieving the goals and objectives described in the DoD Strategic Management Plan and Annual Performance Plan, including progress on Agency Priority Goals.