Office of the Future

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Why: The world is changing and the Department of Defense is adapting to this world with new technology, missions, and personnel strategies. The Office of the Future aims to support the workforce, integrate new technology, and help achieve mission objectives.

Check out the Goals Page to understand why OTF will support your mission.

How: OTF is the most extensive and data-driven DoD office program to date. The key to this program is the component assessment, incorporating data from multiple perspectives: Supervisors, Human Resources, IT, and Security.

All of these considerations combined provide a holistic picture of the important metrics, triggers and the overall feasibility of an Office of the Future project. After completing the assessment WHS will be able to provide tailored design recommendations to suit your component’s goals.

Check out the Process and Assessment Page to see the process as a whole.

What: Just like our warfighters use specific ships and aircraft to achieve their mission, your office should be viewed as a tool. The Office of the Future (OTF) helps make your office a specially engineered tool to achieve your mission. It’s not just updated finishes or a new desk, OTF takes into consideration component goals and leverages 12 distinct design factors to create an office design that helps motivate and engage employees.

Check out the Case Study Page to see an example of an OTF design.