Conference Submissions

In accordance with DoD's conference policy, all conferences that DoD hosts or that DoD personnel attend are required to be reported through a central DoD Conference Tool. This data is used to generate the annual reports that are posted publically and support the Department's ongoing oversight of conference activities.


Registering attendance at a non-DoD hosted conference in the DoD Conference Tool is a two step process. First, the DoD organization selects the conference that they are sending personnel to from a list of conferences. Second, they enter the details about their attendance at the conference and upload the approval memorandum that authorized their personnel to attend the conference. Utilizing this two step process allows the Department to ensure that it can subsequently aggregate the attendees from multiple DoD organizations that are attending the same conference because each organization has selected the conference from the same overall list of conferences.


If a DoD organization is the first to try to register approved attendees at a particular conference and it does not appear on the selection list, the DoD Conference Tool allows them to enter the details about the conference and submit it for inclusion on the list. This submission is then reviewed by an administrator for completeness and to ensure that it is not duplicative with a conference that is already on the list.

CAC Users

All CAC users should submit conferences directly through the DoD Conference Tool.

Non-CAC Users

Methods for Non-CAC Users will return in the future.