Defense Business Council and Investment Management

Defense Business Council

The Defense Business Council (DBC) serves as the:

  • Principal governance body for vetting issues related to management, improvement of defense business operations; and other issues to include performance management, pursuant to the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010.
  • Department's advisory council on developing the defense business enterprise architecture, reengineering the Department's business processes, developing and deploying defense business systems, and developing requirements for the defense business systems, pursuant to section 2222 of Title 10, U.S. Code, and for review of information technology infrastructure investments, pursuant to section 2223 of Title 10, U.S. Code.
  • Department's information technology infrastructure investment review board, pursuant to the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer's responsibilities in section 2223 of Title 10; and section 11315 of Title 40 to ensure interoperability and reduction of IT duplication; alignment of IT infrastructure investments with the Joint Information Enterprise initiative, enterprise architecture and standards; and adherence to cyber security standards.

The initial DBC charter, dated October 18, 2012, was revised on December 12, 2014.

Investment Management

The Department of Defense budgets over $7 billion a year for business system investments. Title 10 United States Code § 2222, includes requirements for investment review and certification of covered defense business systems prior to obligation of funds.

The Department's investment management process is used to ensure that IT capital investments are aligned to strategies, modernize and eliminate legacy systems and permit interoperability. For FY 2017 Defense business system programs, the process resulted in the review of certification requests for 1,253 covered defense business systems associated with $7.5B in funds.

To implement the investment management process, the CMO issued guidance to ensure that the Department continues to treat its business system investments with the balance of purpose and discipline that will enable cost savings to be redirected to critical operational needs of the warfighter. The guidance, updated periodically, creates an Integrated Business Framework (IBF) to align broad Departmental strategy with functional and organizational strategy, all the way to business process and system implementations. This framework uses Functional Strategies and Organizational Execution Plans to help achieve the Department's target business environment. The guidance and implementing memoranda are included below.

Investment Review Process Guidance

The DBC, the CMO and military department chief management officers will oversee the implementation of this guidance as it reviews and approves business plans; defines the Department's target business environment; and approves content for and changes to the DoD Business Enterprise Architecture. The guidance provided above supersedes the previous Defense Business Systems Investment Management Guidance, dated April 16, 2017.