SFIS Values Library Service

SFIS Values Library Service - XML Instances and Schemas

The SFIS Values Library Service includes XML Instances and XML Schemas. XML Instances contain authoritative data values and structures for import to target systems' configuration-driven tables. XML Schemas provide metadata to assist technical staff developing the import process. Schemas describe the layout of XML Instances.

Authoritative SFIS Values

Recent security changes limit access to the links provided on this site to .mil domains. All other domain users (.com, etc...) may request SFIS values and schemas by emailing: osd.pentagon.odcmo.mbx.sfis-library@mail.mil.

.mil domain users can access XML Instances and Schemas through the hyperlinks in the table below; values and schema.

  • To view the authoritative data values in HTML format, click on the 'values' hyperlink next to either the SFIS Code Value Listing or the Master Appropriation Data.
  • To retrieve a document in XML format, right click on the 'values' hyperlink and select 'Save Target As...' to save the XML document to your computer. Note: Production target systems should read the XML instance using a RESTful web service directly from the URL.
  • To view the schema definition of the XML document, click on the 'schema' hyperlink. To download the schema, right click on 'schema' and select 'Save Target As...'.


SFIS Code Value Listing values schema
Master Appropriation Data values schema


Notification of changes to SFIS Values

Changes are sent via email. To be included in email notifications, please send your point of contact information to: michael.r.shannon8.ctr@mail.mil