Information Management & Technology (IM&T)
Enabling performance through technology


The Information Management & Technology Directorate within the Office of the Performance Improvement Officer & Director of Administration & Management Overview was stood up in September 2022 as the direct result of an internal OSD study related to gaps in the quality of service, performance, and customer requirements related to Information Technology within OSD. The Deputy Secretary of Defense has designated DA&M as the senior official responsible for information management and technology in OSD and to serve as the OSD chief information officer (OSD CIO), managing OSD IT as an enterprise. The OSD IT Enterprise is a concept meant to unite the IT activities of OSD’s Principal Staff Assistants (PSAs) and the six Defense Agencies & Field Activities (DAFAs) that have a presence at the Pentagon, Mark Center, and related facilities in the National Capital Region2. By uniting the IT management of these previously disconnected organizations, IM&T can bring to bear the power of a collective voice in driving the IT service providers’ delivery of OSD IT requirements.