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OP&DSD provides advice and assistance to senior DoD officials on management arrangements, implementation of reforms, and the structure of assigned resources under the oversight of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense and other senior officials.


Biennial Review of Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities


DoD Executive Agent Program: The CMO provides management of the overall DoD Executive Agent Program. In support of this mission, OP&DSD has developed a website to develop, maintain, monitor, revise, and make available to all the DoD Components the list of DoD Executive Agent designations approved by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Defense.  Visit the DoD Executive Agent website here for a listing of all DoD Executive Agent designations in force. 


Major DoD Headquarters Activities (MHA):  MHA is defined as those headquarters (and the direct support integral to their operations) whose primary mission is to manage or command the programs and operations of the Department of Defense, the DoD Components, and their major military units, organizations, or agencies. P&DSD is responsible for maintaining the MHA policy in accordance with DoD Instruction 5100.73.


Support of the Headquarters of Combatant and Subordinate Unified Commands: OP&DSD is responsible for maintaining and updating Department of Defense (DoD) Directive (DoDD) 5100.03, Support of the Headquarters of Combatant and Subordinate Unified Commands.  This directive establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the administrative and logistical support of Combatant Command headquarters and subordinate unified command headquarters by listing Combatant Command Support Agencies (CCSAs).  It details the specific responsibilities of DoD Components and lists the commands and their support agents.