Office of the Director of Administration & Management  Overview


The Director of Administration and Management (DA&M) has three broad missions in support of the SecDef and DepSecDef, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, tenants of the Pentagon Reservation, and specified Defense activities: (1) Principal Staff Assistant and advisor to the SecDef and DepSecDef on specified organizational, management, and administrative matters.  (2)  Administrative services agent in the National Capital Region (NCR) and senior official responsible for the Pentagon Reservation.  (3) Security, law enforcement, and emergency management provider for the Pentagon, and designated DoD facilities in the NCR.  The DA&M exercises authority, direction, and control over the ODA&M directors, Director of Washington Headquarters Services, and the Director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.  The DA&M pro-actively engages partners and stakeholders in the management, governance, services, and contingency and continuity of operations functions of the DoD Headquarters.



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